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At the pubescent age of ten, Gambizi emerged as a lyricist who would memorize songs, add a twist and showcase his own style. Born in San Francisco during the year of the bicentennial, Gambizi grew up enduring urban decay and witnessing drugs consume his streets. It was from within having experienced harsh realities he developed the passion and sense of urgency to write rhymes.

In 1992, as a sophomore in high school, Gambizi and friends formed a group, “The Foundation.” During this time, songwriting and performing quickly shifted from a hobby to Gambizi’s central focus. The group lasted four years before parting ways to pursue separate music careers.

Upon departure from the group, Gambizi had the opportunity to manifest his craft and sharpen his creative delivery. After receiving a call from childhood friend Mark Davita, known as “Spaztik M.C.,” he was invited to rap a verse on Spaztik M.C.’s debut single, titled, “Rhyme Pays”.

With exposure came much growth for Gambizi and with him consistently building personal confidence, he released his first solo album, “Flamin.” Over 7,000 units were distributed underground. From the demand that followed, Gambizi released his singles, “Les Miserables,” and “Carlito’s Way.”

Gambizi created the group, “41Pound,” and produced their album, “Scrillafornia.”

Because the Bay Area West Coast is a tough market for recognition, Gambizi’s approach involved unity amongst emerging artists with one mission in mind, “Be Heard.”

Gambizi began to expose his collaborative talents with the release of a twenty song album featuring various unique bay area voices titled, “The Union Mixtape.” Next came the Mixtape Series: Vol. 1: I am the American Dream, Vol. 2: Paid In Full and John Madden of The Game. As all previous Gambizi projects, numerous copies were distributed throughout the U.S.

Gambizi’s second solo album was titled, “The Streets is Black Hockey.” He began touring with known artists such as, Andra Nickatina and E-40 and separately responded to requests to perform for inmates inside San Quentin and Chowcilla Prisons.


im Back

Gambizi’s music has aired on the HBO hit TV Series, “Entourage.” With his partner, Manny Davis, Gambizi stared in the DVD and movie, “CLEAN DVD.” In the HBO Special, “Sucka Free City” produced by legendary director Spike Lee, Gambizi played a small role.

Gambizi’s partnership with Reggaetone artist, Dos Four, has cultured a fusion of bay area Hip-Hop and Reggaetone with the release of their single, “Tu Ladron.” “The Suite Life of Gambizi and Frankie D,” reveals Gambizi’s ability to tastefully combine Rap with R&B. Both video’s can be found on YouTube

Gambizi’s newest partnership is with Midwest born rapper and R&B singer Hellz Flame from Omaha, Nebraska.  With their July 31, release of their first single ‘Animal Instinct’ off the Album entitled the same, expect some bangers coming from this album as well as Music from Gambizi’s Raggaetone side with Dos Four with their first single out now entitled “Suave Y Salvaje.” Stay tuned for more from Gambizi.