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Dos Four

Gambizi and Dos Four are two unique artists who have been making music in the Bay Area for a number of years; Gambizi, as a Hip-Hop artist and Dos Four, as a Latin Artist.  The two met each other through a mutual friend in 2012 and have been working together ever since.  They have recorded over 12 songs together while still collaborating on their separate projects.  “When we first came together it was to create a different sound by fusing Rap and Latin music together. Then as we begun to work together, we noticed, a chemistry." 


Music runs in the family, Dos Four has been orchestrating his band for many years and his siblings are involved in their own music careers in his home country of Cuba.  Cuba is known for its love for music and its race for freedom, and that is what is transpired in this great artist. The same can be said for Gambizi, he has cousins who are part of a Quintet, he has studied and was raised with Hip-Hop in his veins, he has been writing music ever since the young age of 10.  Gambizi says that “Music has helped me channel my anger and helped me to reach for wide-spread visions. It is my tool to teach my people, help people understand me and eachother,  letting the world know how I grew up and what I am capable of.”  Music can be perceived as positive and negative, but when these two come together, it is a colorful party with fun and laughter.


Dos Four and Gambizi, share a chemistry of hunger, admiration and respect, not only for each other, but for their craft. Gambizi and Dos Four noticed their mutual passion and work ethic immediately.  They then realized that sooner or later they would make history together some way, some how!.  “I knew that our Latin and Hip-Hop style would make its way to the ears of the people,  its something different and not to many people are doing that here in the Bay Area or anywhere in the world, so it is only a matter of time.”  And a matter of time it was.  The Bay Area is a multi-cultural city that has many genres of music spawning from all corners, "The Bay" takes pride in activism, community and urban expression! 


 As the years progressed, Dos Four and Gambizi began to upgrade their sound and quality.  Dos Four & Gambizi understood they were better together, making a movement, then alone running uphill.  They have become residents at the local Clubs and Bars performing and performing weekly at the Cuban influenced Cigar Bar and Grill. The response has been excellent and Dos Four & Gambizi are riding the wave of success as it approaches.  Recently, the Duo traveled and performed in CUBA where the duo record their Latest Hit Single “Fuego” Feat.  Cuban Star Geidy Chapman. Then they continued their travels to Miami Florida and performed at the World-Renowned, CARNIVAL, better known as "Calle Ocho"; CUBAOCHO; The Television Shows: ‘Happy Hour’ and ‘TN3’ further expanding their fan base and collaborating with many artists.



 “Dos Four and Gambizi’s performances are energizing and amazing.”-Local Fan

“We try to project the energy that we want to see people having.  We want you to get out your seat and move your body and when you move nothing can stop you”-Dos Four 


Music & Videos

New Video Dropped 05/05/2017  "Fuego"

Don't Stop the Music

"I'm going to give you what you want"

Nothing Like the Bay

Gambizi Dos Four Live "Rumba"